Friday 6 January 2017

2017-01-06【GMLM-Literasi Maklumat资讯素养】GEG-Frog Connected Professional Development with UK Young Teacher

In this inspiring session, 2 groups of teachers from different countries, connect for an exciting Frog connected session to share their Frog VLE practice and exercises.  Frog Teachers from Britain and Malaysia will join a practice mystery country lesson as part of their Frog Professional Development.

Event :
Connected Classroom For Young Teacher (Global)

6th Jan. 2017

4pm ( Minum Petang )
5pm (Malaysia) Start Program
?am (?) 

Content :
A demo on how to integrate tech tools in teaching for young teachers for both countries.

Participants :
GM1MKL from Malaysia.

Details :
Teachers will experiment how to play the Mystery Hangout Game. Players take turn to ask questions to guess the location and the school of the other party. "Yes" and "No" question is allowed in the game. Players will learn how important the teamwork, the skills on asking quality questions and also the searching skills through internet. In the same time, they will know each other country and cultural well. A good cultural exchange game and also the geographic knowledge.

Encouraging speech by Mr Wong, headmaster of SJKC Choong Wen.

During the "Mystery Hangout", GM1MKL trying all he way out to find the answer. We are so enjoy while playing this game. The same went to young teachers from United Kingdom.

After the session, Mdm Tan shared her knowledge about Google Suite for Education and encourage all the young teacher to take the Google For Education, Certified Educator Level 1.  

 GM1MKL Best!

Wow! GM1MKL is growing! 

Thanks for Shannon, student from 1S. You are a brave girl to show your uniform in front of the screen. 
Let's watch how Shannon answered the questions bravely.